Multiways International Co.


Wide Range of IT Services


We are offering full range of HHP products including feature phone and smartphones. We are Samsung partner in the region and we have close BIZ relationship with major mobile vendors.

IT Solutions

Multiways International has a long history with well-known suppliers and top brands of component and IT products and services in the region. We are providing full range of IT component and solution globally.

Signage Solution

We are providing full range of Signage Solution, along with premium quality products of biggest Turksih supplier in this field.


We are providing full range of accessories with high quality and competitive pricing.


You can rely on our expertise in IT and HHP BIZ in the region
We are the partner you need to expand your business in the region

MultiWays International; one of the most sophisticated companies in the hardware and IT markets in Middle-East; has been established in Dubai in 2007. MultiWays is official agent of distributing, sales and after sales services of well-known brands for Component, Notebook and HHP products. The Group combined cost-effectively. The size of its operations and the very high quality after sales services with successful experiences means that the group is able to pass on significant value to its customers. Multiways has strong and old background of cooperation with well-known Insurance companies in United Arab Emirates.

  • Signage SOLUTION
  • Accessories BIZ

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